Breathing new life into India’s glorious jewellery tradition yet keeping pace with changing trends, ensuring international standards of quality and enriching it with the world’s finest craftsmanship, inspired by the works of the grand masters yet exploring new frontiers of creativity- at Hazoorilal Legacy these have been the jewels in our crown.

Hazoorilal Legacy Jewellers – the brand was the vision of the founder Mr. Hazoorilal Narang, a manufacturer, a retailer, a ‘kaarigar’ – Hazoorilalji has done it all. Mr. Hazoorilal Narang single-handedly built his empire brick by brick; he remains the rock in his very kingdom. His motivating presence, utmost simplicity and humility continue to inspire many. His journey in the jewellery trade started at a tender age of 15 when the family shifted base from Lahore during India’s partition. He opened his first store, “Hazoorilal and Sons” in 1955, in the quaint Dariba colony of the Chandni Chowk area in Old Delhi and was soon recognized as an established jeweller in the Delhi circuit.Work apart, he relished classical music and has even sung ghazals, many of which have been recorded at his studio.

Mr. Ramesh Narang, the elder son of late Mr. Hazoorilal Narang, is a reflection of his father’s inherent qualities. Even as a child, Ramesh often spent time after school in his father’s workshop, closely observing the art of jewellery making and comprehending the science behind it. “Among the many things I learnt from my father is to strive towards maintaining a good reputation through the highest morals and ethics. It’s a learning that I aim to pass on to the trade and to forthcoming generations at Hazoorilal Legacy.”

Today Ramesh leads the business with his acumen and creativity. While he was one of the first to introduce Certified Diamond Solitaires in the country, his hard work has been suitably recognized by the Jewellery Industry with coveted awards and honour. He holds the prestigious position of Director – Educational Technical Committee of Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. His organizational capabilities also see him as a founder member and Co-Chairman of Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation.

Mr. Rohan Narang The youngest amongst the Hazoorilal Legacy league, Mr. Rohan Narang is a certified gemologist from the world’s leading GIA – Carlsbaad. He envisions Hazoorilal Legacy at par with the world’s leading brands in design and luxury. He has acquired his expertise from both his grandfather and father and has meticulously honed his skills over the years. His business and logistical acumen, and out of the box ideas, keep up a steady inflow of great designs for Hazoorilal Legacy.

Rare and exotic diamonds, solitaires, hallmarked gold jewellery and jadau kundan polki which Hazoorilal Legacy sources for its clients are of the highest quality and undergo the finest craftsmanship. These Jewels experience intensive quality measures are personally inspected and approved by the Directors before being displayed in the showrooms.