Mr. Ramesh Narang


Mr. Ramesh Narang

Ramesh Narang, the elder son of late Mr. Hazoorilal Narang, is a reflection of his father’s inherent qualities. Even as a child, Ramesh often spent time after school in his father’s workshop, closely observing the art of jewellery making and comprehending the science behind it.

“Amongst the many things I learnt from my father is to strive towards maintaining a good reputation through the highest morals and ethics. It’s a learning that I aim to pass on to the trade and to forthcoming generations at Hazoorilal Legacy.”

After his schooling from Air Force Bal Bharti, Lodhi Road in Delhi, graduation in 1986 from Delhi University, and MBA from the prestigious Delhi Institute of Management Studies (DIMS), he reinforced his perseverance with a Gemology course from IGI – Indian Gemological Institute, New Delhi, majoring in diamonds and coloured stones.

Within almost 20 months of joining the business, Mr. Ramesh Narang established himself at the heart of it. A meeting with some jewellers in Punjab proved to be a turning point in his career. He shared a few of his designs which were highly appreciated by the coterie. His confidence shot up and like a true visionary he spotted a unique business opportunity – wholesale and supply.

Today Ramesh leads the business with his acumen and creativity. While he was one of the first to introduce Certified Diamond Solitaires in the country, his hard work has been suitably recognized by the Jewellery Industry with coveted awards and honour.

He holds the prestigious position of Director – Educational Technical Committee of Gems and Jewellery Export Promotion Council, under the Ministry of Commerce and Industry. His organizational capabilities also see him as a founder member and Co-Chairman of Gems and Jewellery Trade Federation. Taking time out from his busy schedule, he contributes his skills, knowledge and experience to these organizations for the overall growth of the industry. For him, it’s a way of doing his bit for the trade that gave him everything.