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Tara Sutaria, Brand Ambassador - Hazoorilal Legacy

Tara Sutaria, Brand Ambassador - Hazoorilal Legacy

Hazoorilal Legacy is delighted to introduce the very gorgeous and talented Bollywood star Tara Sutaria as its Brand Ambassador.

The brand’s prestigious creations uphold the qualities of timelessness, elegance, and uniqueness with a deep emphasis on creativity. Tara, with her confidence, charisma and her natural flair towards her art, is a perfect embodiment of these values.

We warmly welcome Tara to the Hazoorilal Legacy family and proudly present this partnership through the glamorous 2019-2020 brand campaign!

“It’s an honor for me to be associated with an iconic brand like Hazoorilal Legacy, a pioneer in the jewelry industry. I am delighted to be a part of the brand’s legacy! I’m super excited and totally looking forward to unveil my looks in the months to come!”

Tara Sutaria

“It’s an immense pleasure for Hazoorilal Legacy to have Tara as the face of our brand. Her beauty and talent as an actor, singer and a performer added exuberance to each shot, perfectly highlighting and complimenting the brand’s legacy.”

Ramesh Narang
Director, Hazoorilal Legacy

“Tara’s freshness and charm made her instantly appealing to us as a brand. Her charisma and confident persona oozes in every frame making her a delight to watch. She’s the one to look out for and Hazoorilal Legacy is excited to be a part of this journey.”

Rohan Narang
Managing Director, Hazoorilal Legacy