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Polki diamond jewellery set in 22k gold is an intricate workmanship since the grandiose courts of the Mughal Era. The centuries old legacy is carried forward in contemporary polki jewellery designs and has become a new trousseau archetype, treated as the most accomplished fusion of artisanship and design. An impeccably skilled hand is a requisite to work upon Hazoorilal Legacy polki designer jewellery and produce masterpieces of timeless vintage. The edges of each old-cut flat diamond (or Polki) is meticulously wrapped with 24 karat yellow gold foil and encased in concave shaped 22-karat yellow gold, forming one unit. This art is relentlessly carried on to complete only one article of jewellery. An elaborate enamelling work is usually seen on the reverse of every traditional Polki artefact, involving hundreds of man-hours, exhibiting an extravagance of sophistication.