Bridal Necklaces - Styles, Lengths and Pairing Tips

Bridal Necklaces - Styles, Lengths and Pairing Tips

Imagine this scenario – you're browsing online and come across this incredibly beautiful bridal necklace. Instantly, you're captivated and want to find more necklaces like it. But here's the thing, you wonder what that bridal necklace style is called. Is it called a Royal Hansuli ,or maybe a Pippal Patti?

Planning for the ideal wedding outfit requires paying close attention to every little aspect, and among them, selecting the right necklace is very important. The perfect necklace has the power to enhance a bride's appearance, imparting an air of elegance and individuality. Within this blog post, we embark on a journey to explore various necklace styles, lengths and pairing that are popular among brides. From the timeless and sophisticated allure of chokers to the enchantingly delicate pendants, we cover a wide range of options to suit every bride's preferences.

Popular Necklace Styles For Bride - From Chokers to Pendants

Chokers have always embodied timeless elegance, winning hearts for centuries. They still hold the highest position in the world of bridal accessories. These necklaces embrace the neck perfectly, beautifully accentuating the bride's collarbone and neckline. Whether it's a minimalistic design or an intricate piece adorned with pearls or crystals, chokers are the epitome of sophistication and grace. Here are some choker bridal necklaces from Hazoorilal Legacy:-

Legacy Uncut Diamonds Heritage Choker Necklace Set
Introducing a stunning heritage jewellery set that exudes elegance! This exquisite piece features a choker necklace adorned with both raw and dazzling diamonds, along with a matching pair of earrings boasting a charming antique finish.

Legacy Gold Bridal Choker Necklace set

A breathtaking bridal jewellery piece that embodies sheer elegance. This exquisite masterpiece is meticulously handcrafted using a mesmerising blend of vibrant multi-coloured gemstones, perfectly nestled in warm yellow gold. It comes complete with a charming pair of earrings and a stunning maang teeka, all exuding an air of timeless beauty.

Legacy Tourmalines and Uncut Diamonds Choker Necklace

    This incredible vintage design that has been completely reimagined! It features custom-cut tourmalines, stunning rose-cut diamonds, and adorable pearl drops.



    Pendant necklaces are loved for their graceful simplicity and their knack for adding a gentle hint of shimmer. A carefully selected pendant can hold deep personal significance, making it a perfect embellishment for brides who wish to infuse their wedding ensemble with sentimental value. Whether you prefer a timeless solitaire diamond or a symbolic charm, pendant necklaces offer a wide array of choices to cater to various styles and preferences. Some of the popular and elegant pendant styles of Hazoorilal Legacy:-

    Jardin Diamond Mother-of-Pearl Floral Pendant Set

      This beautiful pendant is made of 18KT rose gold and features a round brilliant-cut diamond in the centre, surrounded by delicate mother-of-pearl petals. The pendant is adorned with additional round brilliant-cut diamonds, giving it a stunning sparkle. To complete the set, there are  matching stud earrings and a ring, ensuring a coordinated and elegant look.

      Jardin Diamond Pink Enamel Pendant Set

        A charming floral pendant made of 18KT rose gold, delicately adorned with pear-shaped diamonds and pink enamel petals. The pendant showcases a beautiful arrangement of round brilliant-cut diamonds, which elegantly outline the pendant. It comes along with a lovely 18KT rose gold chain and a matching pair of stud earrings.

        Necklace Lengths and Necklines - Finding a Perfect Harmony

        Finding the perfect balance between the length of your necklace and the style of your dress is an art form when it comes to bridal accessories. The key is to choose a necklace that enhances the shape of your neckline, rather than competing with it. For a plunging V-neckline, a longer pendant or Y-necklace is the perfect match. This elegant choice beautifully elongates your neckline. If you have a sweetheart neckline, try pairing it with a choker or a shorter necklace that echoes the curve of your neckline. This delicate framing of your face adds a touch of allure to your overall look. High necklines, on the other hand, gracefully go hand in hand with longer necklaces. This combination provides a sophisticated and balanced appearance. By achieving the perfect harmony between these elements, your necklace becomes an enchanting extension of your gown, completing your bridal allure. 

        Necklace Pairing Tips - Making Your Bridal Look Shine

        Your wedding day marks the joyful celebration of love and showcases your one-of-a-kind style. Picking the perfect necklace is key to elevating your bridal attire to a flawless level. So, here are some priceless suggestions to help you effortlessly pair necklaces that will truly make your bridal look shine:-

        1. Metal Harmony - Make sure to coordinate the metal of your necklace with your dress and other accessories. No matter if you prefer silver, gold, or rose gold, sticking to the same metal will give you a well-put-together and polished look.

        2. Consider Your Hairstyle - Your hairstyle is an important factor to keep in mind when selecting a necklace. If you're planning to wear an updo, longer necklaces are a great choice as they can elongate your neckline beautifully. On the other hand, if you have loose or flowing hair, it's recommended to go for shorter necklaces or delicate chokers. These options work well without overwhelming or competing with your hairstyle for attention.

        3. Balance is Key - Make sure you achieve a well-balanced appearance by taking into account how intricate your gown is. If your dress is adorned with embellishments and intricate designs, go for a simpler necklace to avoid overpowering your overall style. On the other hand, if you have a more understated gown, consider adding a more elaborate necklace to enhance your ensemble with a touch of glamour.

        4. Layer with Care - When it comes to layering necklaces, take a moment to do it right and prevent a chaotic look. To create a beautiful and trendy layered effect that complements your bridal look, select necklaces of different lengths and styles.

        5. Personal Touch - To add a truly personal touch to your bridal look, consider incorporating sentimental or meaningful pieces. It could be a cherished family heirloom that has been passed down through generations, or even a specially designed piece just for you. Imagine how a necklace with sentimental value would elevate your ensemble, making it even more special and unique to you.

        About Hazoorilal Legacy

        The name Hazoorilal Legacy is associated with timeless elegance, exquisite craftsmanship, and opulent grandeur in the world. For over 70 years now, this is a brand with heritage that is more than a mere story; it is a luxurious saga of style, creativity and outstanding design. The noble Hazoorilal Narang, who established the brand, has been associated with luxury in the years since its inception. It is a brand that speaks to a woman’s innate desire for design that goes beyond the realm of beauty, quality and credibility.

        However, Hazoorilal Legacy is unique in that it has a set of loyal consumers stretching over three generations. The bond signifies that this brand is all about quality, reliability, and excellence. Every jewel is not just simply jewellery, it means it is the prideful heirloom passed down by generations.

        At the high jewellery, the details count the most and Hazoorilal Legacy raises each gemstone to the piece of the art. Each detail, from the initial conception to the final product, is thoroughly analysed, every stone is placed, and every contour is carved, exceeding even the average attention. The real soul of the brand lies in its intricate little details.

        Thus, when venturing with Hazoorilal Legacy, keep in mind that you are not just purchasing jewellery, but also entering into a realm of untold refinement and refined tastes. It is a world where everything about it glitters with aristocracy, each piece speaks of the past, and your style is taken to an extreme elevation.