Mr. Hazoorilal Narang

A manufacturer, a retailer, a craftsman – Shri Hazoorilal ji was a man of all seasons. Mr. Narang single-handedly built his empire brick by brick; and to date remains the rock of his kingdom. His versatility, diversity and dedication were a few of his qualities that propelled him on the path to success. With a knack for constant innovation, he ceaselessly renewed and reinvented, lending vintage appeal to contemporary designs.

His motivating presence, utmost simplicity and humility continue to inspire many. His journey in the jewellery trade started at a tender age of 15 when the family shifted base from Lahore during India’s partition. He opened his first store, “Hazoorilal and Sons” in 1952, in the quaint Dariba colony of the Chandni Chowk area in Old Delhi and was soon recognized as an established jeweller in the Delhi circuit. A true visionary, he shifted the business to Defence Colony in 1972 and after 14 years he moved further into South Delhi – Greater Kailash 1, in the year 1986. Today, we continue to nurture his vision at Hazoorilal Legacy, South Extension and Gold Souk stores.

Apart from work, he relished classical music and even sang ghazals, many of which were recorded at his studio.


Mr. Ramesh Narang

Mr Ramesh Narang, the elder son of late Mr Hazoorilal Narang, is at the helm of Hazoorilal Legacy, a pioneering brand in fine jewellery since 1952.

A reflection of his father’s inherent qualities, he often spent time after school in his father’s workshop, closely observing the art of jewellery making and comprehending the science behind it.


Mr. Rohan Narang

Carrying forward the legacy as the third generation is the Director, Mr. Rohan Narang. He is a certified gemologist from the world’s leading Gemological Institute of America (GIA) – Carlsbad, USA. He envisions Hazoorilal Legacy at par with the world’s leading jewelry brands and strives to maintain the highest possible standards in every department in house.

Rohan has been responsible for international growth and has represented Hazoorilal Legacy at the biggest jewelry exhibitions globally. Having acquired values, knowledge, and expertise from both his grandfather and father, Rohan has taken Hazoorilal Legacy to new heights. The launch of the E-commerce platform was yet another proud achievement that was spearheaded by him.


Ms. Sonal Narang

Sonal Narang, the creative force behind the brand and a third-generation jewellery enthusiast at Hazoorilal Legacy. She holds certifications as a gemologist and jewellery designer from the prestigious Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in New York, USA.

With an impeccable eye for detail and an unwavering passion for her craft, Sonal Narang creates fine jewellery designed to captivate the hearts of the young millennial and gen-z clientele. In her portfolio, she presents three exceptional collections: Zoori, Arika, and Bella.

Zoori is a range of jewelry curated to effortlessly meet the requirements of everyday fine jewellery, inspiring the art of self-expression. On the other hand, Arika represents a beautiful revival of the ancient craft of “sadekari”, perfected by the craftsmen at Hazoorilal Legacy and is tailored to appeal to a younger audience. Meanwhile, Bella is another fun collection featuring scintillating diamonds studded with enamel details in a vibrant pop of colours.

Sonal Narang's dedication to her art shines through each unique piece, and are a perfect blend of creativity, elegance, and innovation, reflecting her commitment to crafting jewellery that leaves a lasting impression. 


Mr. Armaan Narang

As a certified GIA gemologist, Mr. Armaan Narang possesses an in-depth understanding of gemstone properties, grading methodologies, and industry best practices. His comprehensive knowledge of various gems, their origins, and characteristics enables him to curate captivating and unique jewellery pieces that resonate with our discerning clientele. From sourcing rare and exquisite gemstones to ensuring their authenticity and optimal presentation, Armaan’s ability to integrate gemstones seamlessly into intricate designs ensures that every piece we offer is a testament to both aesthetic elegance and technical excellence.

Armaan plays a vital role in shaping the brand's strategic direction and growth initiatives. His ability to align creative vision with business objectives ensures that we consistently deliver exceptional products that captivate our target market and expand our brand presence.