Spark Your Romance With Gifting Rings On Valentine's Day

Spark Your Romance With Gifting Rings On Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is all about celebrating and expressing love and affection for your loved ones. While gifts like candies, roses, and Valentine greeting cards are admirable gestures towards them, they are quite temporary to stay long enough to show them to your grandchildren. Gifting rings on Valentine's Day holds significance and a permanent role in one's romantic life. This piece of jewellery has the power to portray profound feelings and fondness. It is a great way to narrate your love story to your children and grandchildren, as well as spark your romance.

Different Styles of Rings and Their Symbolism

Throughout history, rings have held great symbolism as they represent eternity, unity, and commitment. With their circular shape, they convey the message of unending love and a lifelong bond. As a Valentine's Day gift, a ring serves as a physical embodiment of the unyielding affection two people share for each other. There are an array of ring styles to choose from, each with its own unique symbolism and significance. Here are a few popular options:

Halo Ring

Its design consists of a central stone encircled by smaller stones, which serve to accentuate the beauty and radiance of the focal gem. The ring's circular shape represents eternal love and devotion, symbolising how the love between two people is strengthened and nurtured by their close friends and family. The halo of stones surrounding the centre gem signifies the support system that lifts up and magnifies the central relationship. This ring style highlights the notion that true love perseveres and endures when it is fortified by the love and support of others.

Bella Marquise Diamond Halo Ring is a white gold band crafted from 18 karat gold, featuring a marquise shaped diamond as the focal point in the middle, encircled by round diamonds cut for maximum brilliance.


Three-Stone Ring

A three-stone ring, also called a trilogy or past-present-future ring, has three gemstones arranged adjacent to one another on the band. The stones represent the couple's relationship journey this far and their commitment to the future. Each gem symbolises a distinct phase of their relationship: one stone for the past experiences they've shared, one for celebrating their present, and one looking ahead to the future they will build together. The three linked stones convey the continuous story of the couple's love.

Bella Diamond Three Stone Ring  is a 14KT yellow gold band adorned with pink lab-created gems, each one secured in place by prongs surrounded by a circlet of sparkling round diamonds cut with numerous facets to maximise brilliance.


Eternity Ring

Eternity rings are characterised by a band of precious stones, typically diamonds, that surround the ring in an uninterrupted circle. This unbroken band symbolises the enduring devotion and fidelity between two people, with the continuous circle embodying the timeless nature of their union.

Bella Diamond Petite Eternity Ring is a 18KT band of the highest purity gold, white in colour, narrow in width, and never-ending in form, and is bedecked with radiant gemstones cut in a spherical shape and emitting the brightest white light.

Open Ring 

 An open, unfinished circular shape symbolises the ongoing adventure of love and the chance for growth. It embodies openness to new encounters, prospects, and the perpetual change of a relationship. The break in the ring denotes the room for shared escapades, trials, and revelations. Furthermore, it represents the concept of autonomy and uniqueness within a partnership, permitting each individual to keep their identity while still being linked. The open ring functions as a prompt that love is a dynamic and constantly shifting force, always developing and broadening as the relationship.

Bella Diamond Marquise Open Ring made of 18KT white gold, is adorned with round brilliant-cut diamonds and features prong-set marquise brilliant-cut diamonds at both ends.

Pavé Ring

The significance of a pavé ring lies in its intricate arrangement of small gemstones that are closely set, resulting in a sparkling surface that represents the abundance of love and happiness in a relationship. Each minuscule stone symbolises a shared moment, treasured memory, or made promises, combining harmoniously to create a stunning mosaic of unity and connection. The pavé setting also embodies the concept of strength in numbers, signifying the support and solidarity experienced in a partnership. Furthermore, the dazzling brilliance of the pavé stones represents the illumination and positive energy that love brings into our lives, guiding us along the path of togetherness.

Bella Diamond Pavé Ring  crafted from 18 karat yellow gold with a domed profile, embellished with sparkling round cut diamonds arranged in a pave setting.


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